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In the interest of keeping equipment running reliably and correctly, a strict regimen of scheduled maintenance must be maintained.

To prevent failures by thr timely replacement of consumable parts.

To assure 100% uptime and readiness for duty in the case of standby units.

To relieve the end user or customer of this responsibility by performing routine or annual maintenance with the skill set and knowledge instilled by factory training.

To know intimately all the equipment we maintain on your behalf, and keep on hand a suitable list of spares and consumables to ensure maximum service life and duty cycle. 
As Factory service agents and distributors for SDMO other brands over the years, parts, warranty repairs, claims and manufacturer's support and parts are all available from us.

We deal primarily with diesel engined gen-sets, but are fully capable of diagnosing, repairing and servicing gasoline and LPG/LNG units as well.

We offer a Scheduled Maintenance Program, a series of visits through the year entirely for the sake of preventative maintenance. Contact our sales office today for more information on this and the many other services we offer.